Weird Reveries


Weird Reveries
scored for: SSAATTBB chorus (eight voices, or large chorus)
duration: 12 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere:

USC Chorale (world premiere)
March 25, 2007 / Alfred Newman Recital Hall, Los Angeles CA


Recording and score are available on request

About the work:

Weird Reveries is a densely-textured work for eight-part chorus in two movements which intercuts text from two Wilfred Owen poems: "On My Songs" and "Nocturne". What begins in an optimistic and litling manner transitions into dark and fitful half-sleep. The restless night is eased slightly by the memory of an off-kilter tune, a weird reverie.

an excerpt from Wilfred Own's "On My Songs":

Yet there are days when all these hoards of thought
Hold nothing for me. Not one verse that throbs
Throbs wioth my heart, or as my brain is fraught.

'Tis then I voice mine own sweet weird reveries:
Low croonings of a motherless child, in gloom,
Singing his frighted self to sleep, are these.