The Voice of the Body


scored for: 1 singer, dancers, and electronics/live processing (score for dance work)
duration: evening-length

Commissioned by/Premiere:

work in process
created with Amber Sloan (commission and world premiere)
January, 2016 / Mana Contemporary, Residency
May 25-June 15, 2015 / The Yard, Bessie Shomberg Choreographic Residency
September 3, 2014 / Joe's Pub, Dance Now Festival
June 10-13, 2014 / Cherry Valley Artworks: Residency and Work-In-Process Showing
Choreography: Amber Sloan
Cast: Chelsea Ainsworth, Emma Judkins, Hai-Ting Chinn, Tomas Cruz, Jordan Morley.
Composer/electronics: John Glover

About the work:

Blending movement and music, Rudiments incorporates one singer and dancers woven together into a single tapestry of sight and sound. The singer is choreographed into the movement and dancers contribute to the sounds of the score. Live electronics capture, process, and amplify the live sound and movement to expand sonic landscape. Sources for the music include turn of the centry American children's nursery rhyems and elemnts from Shape Note hymns. The result is a symbiotic work using the entire visual and sonic range of the body.


A scratch track from the new work, featuring tenor Tomas Cruz

Rudiments, excerpt from Stuffed

An archival video of an experiment at the series STUFFED at Judson Church with Amber Sloan Dance Co.
Electronics manipulated by myself (using samples of earlier recordings with soprano Hai-Ting Chinn for an earlier version of the project). The recordings were played, processed and manipulated in reaction to the dancer's movements and the very resonant acoustic of the space. Much of the sound is quiet and/or lost on video. The movements are beautiful.
Choreography by Amber Sloan
Samples from Hai-Ting Chin, Live performance by John Glover
Dancers Chelsea Ainsowrth, Emma Judkins, Jordan Morley, and Amber Sloan
Performance at Stuffed at Judson Church NYC,NY December 3, 2014

Excerpt from The Yard production

Images from The Yard production