Stay an immersive, a capella opera
scored for: female actress, 3 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, baritone (with some guitar and kitchen-percussion skill)
duration: 60 minutes
libretto: Keley Rourke

Commissioned by:

On Site Opera (commission and upcoming world premiere 2020/21)
Public Workshop: September 7, 14, 15; 2019 / Governors Island, New York, NY
Director: Eric Einhorn
Music Director: Geoffrey McDonald

About the work:

Strange rumors swirl around an underground supper club that enticed the most die-hard foodies until its sudden closure several years ago. The family business ran out of their eccentric home, drawing praise and fascination from the most respected critics and chefs. Up-and-coming podcaster Candice Kimball brings a group of her most devoted Kickstarter supporters to the site of the house following a series of episodes interviewing guests who remember the experience of eating Chef Gil's food. Stay is an intimate immersive work for 8 singing actors, surrounding audiences in an unexpected journey through rumors, truths, and sing-alongs.