Orphic Soliloquy
Fanfare for solo trumpet


Orphic Soliloquy: Fanfare for solo trumpet
scored for: 1 trumpet (in B-flat)
duration: 2 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere:

Glimmerglass Opera Festival (commission and world premiere)
July - August, 2007 / Alice Bush Opera Theater, Cooperstown NY


Recording and score are available on request

About the work:

Orphic Soliloquy is a fanfare commissioned by the Glimmerglass Opera Festival to announce the start of each performance and welcome patrons into the theater for its 2007 season "Don't Look Back". Since the season explored four different operatic interpretations of the Orpheus myth, on the 400th anniversery of Monteverdi's Orfeo, the solo trumpet line reexamies the rousing material in the opening Sinfonia of Monteverdi's work, casting it instead in a lonely plaintive call.