scored for: live electronics, for two shadow pupeteers
duration: 30 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere:

Conceived and designed by Dorothy James / Devised and puppeteered by Dorothy James and Andy Manjuck
December 8, 2018 / Could City, Brooklyn, NY (under the title 'Untitled #2'
May 2, 2019 / Dixon Place, New York, NY

About the work:

Neverbird is a shadow-puppet piece performed by two puppeteers on an overhead projector with live electronics performed by the composer. Inspired by J.M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy (and its many adaptations), Neverbird follows a female-identifying protagonist as she attempts to navigate a world that equates womanhood with motherhood.


(audio excerpt from 'Neverbird')

Images from The Yard production