Life Cycles


Life Cycles
scored for: flute, viola, and live electronics
to be performed with projections by Rob Dietz or paintings by Mark Mastroianni
duration: 35 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere:

Ensemble Meme (commission and world premiere)
written for vioilst Liuh-wen Ting
October 28, 2012 / Woodward Gallery, New York NY (partial premiere)
August 11, 2013 / Cherry Valley Artworks - Starr Theater, Cherry Valley NY (full premiere)


Life Cycles (excerpt): electric improv

John Glover (electronics) recorded at the Woodward Gallery, Mew York NY

Life Cycles (excerpt): Salt Mound

recorded by Andrew Rehrig (flute), Liuh-Wen Ting (viola), John Glover (electronics)
recorded at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music

Life Cycles: Salt Mound: Interview with Hotel Elefant

interview with Hotel Elefant for their performance of Life Cycles: Salt Mound at the Look and Listen Fesival 2014

About the work:

Life Cycles is a 35-minute multimedia work for flute, viola, and electronics created by John Glover (composer) and Rob Dietz (projections) in response to a cycle of large-scale paintings by Mark Mastroianni. The artist and composer have worked together to develop an immersive experience of sound and sight.
Part live chamber music performance and part installation work, Life Cycles incorporates manipulations of field recordings captured from the locations where the paintings were created, while Dietzís visuals derive from Mastroianniís sketches, studio images, and the final works. Woven seamlessly within the sonic and visual environment are a series of pieces for flute, viola with live electronics and projections.
Woodward Gallery's site on Mark Mastroianni's cycle of paintings that inspired Life Cycles