I am other


I am other
scored for: baritone, violin, and piano
duration: 11 minutes
text: Luisa Villani

Commissioned by/Premiere:

Andrew Wilkowske, baritone / Leona Nadj, violin / Jocelyn Dueck, piano (commission and world premiere)
July 25, 2006 / Glimmerglass Opera, Cooperstown NY


Live recording
Gabriel Wyner, soprano / Pascha Tseitlin, violin / Lisa Sylvester, piano

About the work:

I am other is a is a cycle of three songs with original text by poet Luisa Villani. Each song grabs an image of a man at diferent moments of his life from the wide-eyed energy of a seven year old to the hunted memories of age fifty-eight.

I. Boy, 7
II, Man, 26
III. Man, 58

an excerpt from "Man, 58":

I spend the days now
like sand between the fragments
of a cracked jug
I dare not gather.

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