scored for: string quartet
duration: 9 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere:

MIVOS String Quartet (world premiere)
May 5, 2010 / NYsoundCircuit - Brecht Forum, New York NY


Recording and score are available on request

About the work:

Spending a month rock-climbing in Krabi on the south beaches of Thailand provides plenty to inspire. From breath-taking views to sunsets over clear ocean waters, there aren't many better places to face the exhasting challenge of climbing upward and constantly falling down. Most curious, however, are the names given to each climbing route, named by the first climber to establish it and make it to the top in one piece. Surely created in a fit of both victory and delirium, the names range from "Technobug" to "Escherworld". Taking favorite routes as the names and inspirations for the music, Humanality tries to capture of both the beauty and the treacherous quickchanges of Krabi. Mostly it evokes the sudden drops when that next hold is just beyond reach.

I. Techno Bug
II. Mai Pen Rai