scored for: electronics (sound design and original music for immersive dance-theater work)
duration: 40 minutes
choreographer/director: Kelly Bartnik

Commissioned by/Premiere:

HERE (at The Mist, New York, NY)
Previews: February 19-26, 2017 / The Mist, New York, NY
Premiere: April, 2017 / The Mist, New York, NY
Performers/co-writers: Donna Costello, Jeff Lyon, Zach Martens, Tori Sparks
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About the work:

HERE is an intimate immersive theater work that unfolds serially in an evolving narrative developed with the entire creative team.
Episode 1, which premieres this April, involves four perfromers and five audience members per show.
"With news of the death of a long-absent father, two siblings and their childhood neighbors return to the place they once called home. As each one descends on the place of their last physical connection, they find themselves jolted into a layered whirlwind of memory and sensation where they must not only come to terms with their connected pasts, but the parallel and unexpected reality of the present."
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Trailer for Episode 1

Reviews from the Preview Run of HERE:

"HERE is a mash-up of live theater and episodic television drama in the best way. The production value of this show is high... The set design and art direction for the pilot episode is beautiful and works in tandem with the incredible sound design (by John Glover) and direction."

"An old radio flits in and out of tunes and static. They engage in a wild duet, colliding and ricocheting off the tiny kitchen’s tin ceiling. China rattles. It's an awesome sight — one rivaling the iconic fights that Tony and Carmela had in 'The Sopranos'. These characters make you duck and flinch."
Dance Enthusiast