scored for: electornics (score for dance work)
duration: 35 minutes

Commissioned by/Premiere:

created for Jordan Morley | Little Riot (commission and world premiere)
December 12, 15, 2012 / Triskelion Arts: Spilt Bill Series @ Triskelion Arts curated and presented by Abby Bender Brooklyn NY
Choreography and Direction: Jordan Morley | Little Riot
Cast: Mistral Hay, Ching-I Chang, and Jordan Morley.
Sound Design: John Glover (incorporates samples from various artists including: Genghis Barbie, Panda Porn, and Peaches)
Lighting: Andy Dickerson
Costumes: Jordan Morley
Head Construction: Andrew Jordan


(excerpts from Triskelion Arts performance)

About the work:

(from Jordan Morley | Little Riot): 195 is an exploration of sci-fi and alien movie genres. Dealing with possession and pop as a means to communicate human understanding.
In an age where connection seems key but human interaction is getting stranger by the minute. We become more than our selves through digital means.
What happens when we let go?
Or forget to respond?
Sometimes humorous, sometimes horrifying but always physical. They are here...